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Releasing On - 16-07-2017


Look what they made Aamir Khan do. They relegated him to a formula driven Hollywood inspired circus act. Ironically there’s a dialogue in Dhoom 3 that says circuses aren’t meant to be intelligent, they’re meant to be stupid and that’s what people pay money to watch.

Aamir though manages to instil some faith in even this empty vessel. Had this been any other Khan or B-town heartthrob you could accept Dhoom 3 as a run-of-the-mill entertainer. But we’re talking here about an actor, filmmaker and genius who sets the benchmark for perfection. Sadly Dhoom 3’s lack of depth is a bonafide disappointment.

The entire dramatic play is centred on a twist. It’s a development easily foreseen if you’ve seen Christopher Nolan’s 2005 classic on magic The Prestige. But if you’re the average Joe who watches movies for the Khan triumvirate you’ll love the twist. The only problem is, twists serve up a great dramatic punch in the finale. But in Dhoom 3 the twist is over by the intermission. Rest of the way you’re left contending with why Abhishek Bachchan’s character is making heavy weather about arresting a criminal whose modus operandi has been all figured out. The film walks a very thin rope of cinematic liberties. And miraculously it doesn’t end up looking all that amateur. Thank Aamir who juggles between the complexities of his role with consummate ease.

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