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Releasing On - 23-06-2018


   The makers of Grand Masti have been promoting the film as an adult comedy so we obviously can’t blame them for the non-stop adult humour in it but what we can and should blame them for are a lot of other loopholes. There comes a time where those poor jokes become unbearable n sounds like non sense… an example the three ladies in this movie are named as Rose , Mary, Marlowe and they keep reapeating the name every now n den. GrandMasti is illogical and mindless but as per the trailers. It redefines the adult content of Bollywood.

   Grand Masti, as we know, is the sequel to the 2004 hit movie Masti. Let me take you through the opening scene of this one…college students Amar, Meet and Prem (Ritesh Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Aftab Shivdasani respectively) are teaching their juniors how to have a good time at college. So when they say ‘A stands for’, the camera zooms into the girls’ backside and there is a montage of tight close up of girls wearing hot pants and even lesser. As soon as the point is loud and clear they move on to the letter ‘B’ and the director focuses on the women’s chest. The opening scene sets the ball rolling and makes it clear as to what one can expect in the next two hours ten minutes. Once out of college, Amar, Meet and Prem are married and settled unhappily into their domestic routine when a reunion presents them with an opportunity to relive their carefree days and the possibility of getting laid. Back in the campus, the three boys are chasing three hot women whose names are Rose, Mary and Marlowe of course pronounced as ‘Roz Meri Maarlo

   We know what to expect from the film as it was pretty clear from the poster and trialers but atleast audience deserve a well made movie. The movie gets lathargic when u try understanding those stupid jokes which is all about the vulgar double meaning n stuff.

   I would definetely watch an adult comedy sitting back n laughing about the humor. But this movie makes you feel so uncomfortable especially if you are a female you would rather like to concentrate more on your popcorn n cold drink. The writers have to understand the difference between being funny or being cheap. This is a Cheap movie n if you guys are thinking to go for it (forget with family)even with cross gender friends…..think about it once more.

   GrandMasti will give you a staple diet of dirty jokes. Watch it at your own risk. We from give the movie a 2.5 stars and wish the whole cast n crew All the best for such a freaky flick.

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