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Releasing On - 23-06-2018

Pacific Rim

What it’s about:
Remember as kids how we would play with toy figurines weaving imaginary battle scenes in our head. Guillermo del Toro’s trillion dollar budgeted sci-fi monsters v/s humans flick does the exact same using giant sea dragons named Kaiju battling super sized mechanical robots with human drivers (Jaegars). Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) is the man who gets a second chance at avenging his brothers death at the hands of a Kaiju early on in the film. What follows later is him prepping up with his co-pilot Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) under the supervision of their Marshall (Idris Elba). Unlike other robot flicks, this one uses the concept of a neuro- handshake where the mechanical giant works using the left and right membranes of its pilots brains. The strike rate depends on the efficiency of its drivers tuning with one another and their ability to let go of each others memories and focus on the task in front of them.

What’s good:
There’s no denying the visual wizardry of this project. Right from the opening scene, to the end credits there is amazing attention to detail. Apart from the big fireworks and fight scenes, there is an underlying story of emotional connect between the key characters. After every big fight there’s an attempt to take us beneath the steel hard surfaces of these men who aren’t just battling the giant lizards, but fighting their own demons as well. 3D is remarkable, especially in the underwater climax where we make the drop with the Jaegars as they plan to blow up the Kaiju bridge. Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi’s duel and the trajectory of their relationship makes for an interesting subplot. Charlie Day and Burn Gorman bring humor to the play as the quirky scientists who have contrasting theories to end the Kaiju attack. Background score is in sync with the action scenes and takes the drama to new heights of grandeur.

What’s not:
Once we see the Kaiju in its full glory (and that happens early on), there is a sense of repetition that seeps in. Unlike Godzilla, these creatures have variations, they come in different sizes, some fly, others swim. Also the battle scenes especially the ones right before the climax get a tad bit complex. Since the action is happening at night in the middle of the sea, you have to strain your eyes to see who’s winning the fight. The breaks in between the Kaiju v/s Jaegar battles seem like fillers to quickly take the story to the next fight sequence. We wish there was a better back story to Becket since he’s the hero of this board game.

What to do:
Load yourself with ample popcorn, get comfy and marvel at Del Toro’s ground breaking VFX as Pacific Rim sets a new benchmark in film making.

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