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Releasing On - 04-07-2017


A strangely crafted police officer Rudra (Sanjay Dutt) greets you in the beginning and soon starts flying across the screen as if he has to impress the stunt director of ‘The Matrix’. As expected, Rudra is a fearless cop, (Remember ‘dost ghareebon ka, naam Robinhood hai’) who has been transferred from several police stations, which he claims to be at least hundred in number.

I wonder how he became the DCP with such a track-record. Never mind, you don’t need to scrutinise things with a magnifying glass, just sit and understand the reasons behind Baba copying Chulbul.A threateningly loud signature tune announces Rudra’s arrival in Nagapuram, the den of Nagori (Prakash Raj).

He is a PM (politician maker) and does what he has been doing in ‘Wanted’ and ‘Singham’ and countless Southern films. Probably, it’s difficult for the directors to imagine Prakash Raj in a different avatar than how he has been presented by Rohit Shetty in ‘Singham’ (I’m not imagining things; ‘Singham’ has been mentioned in the film). Moreover, the supporting cast of ‘Policegiri’ is an integral part of Rohit Shetty’s films.

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