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Releasing On - 25-04-2018

rabba main kya karu

The best way to be a faithful husband is to cheat on your wife. I’m not saying this. It’s this film that is, and in the most juvenile manner.

Tons of movies in the past have revolved around randy husbands and long-suffering wives. Not just Hollywood, Bollywood is full of gabby sex gurus, and naïve chelas. Here we go again. Rabba Main Kya Karoon has newcomers Aakash Chopra and Tahira Kochar play childhood sweethearts about to be married, and Arshad Warsi as the experienced cousin who is bent upon giving young Aakash tips on how to save his marriage.

Faint hope is aroused in the beginning when the lead protagonists are allowed to be young and frothy. But as soon as the engagement-wedding stuff starts, they are stuck in shaadi ka jodas, surrounded by relatives spouting unwanted advice, and of course, dear bade bhaiya Arshad, who arrives classily astride a Harley Davidson, and then shoots his mouth off, most crudely, about notching numbers on the belt.

The trouble with Rabba Main Kya Karoon, as with most of these films which showcase a pair of inexperienced newcomers with a solid, ill-used supporting cast, is that it settles too easily into a sexist, let’s-dump-on–these-idiot-women mode. This movie’s idea of laughs is to have Tinnu Anand search for a bra, Paresh Rawal snuggle up to a woman with her cleavage hanging out, and an orange-wigged Shakti Kapoor chase skirt.

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