9 months on, a drive to Kedarnath still means risking life

#Dehradun #Uttarakhand Nine months after a devastating cloudburst caused death and destruction in Uttarakhand, a vast mountainous region leading to the Kedarnath shrine is yet to get its roads back. Vehicles precariously weave through several stretches of what remains of the original tarred roads, some still treacherously cracked and damaged in such a way that it is a miracle more motorists don't get killed. At numerous places, the steel girders and the low stone walls that mark the edge of the winding roads in the hills don't exist any more. They were consumed by flash floods in the Mandakini river in June 2013. A momentary lapse can plunge a motorist deep into the valley, where the Mandakini, coming from the glacial slopes above Kedarnath, flows with a gentle roar but minus the fury it unleashed last year.

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