Action against mining mafia

Representative awakening, Vikasnagar: Pcwadun Yamuna area, posture, smallpox, Rvasan, Townes rivers etc. Given the rampant illegal mining SDM on Monday took the joint meeting of the Forest Department and police administration. In it he decided to major crackdown against mining mafia. SDM pointed out that the combined and isolated guerrilla action teams from the area will be completely enclosed illegal mining. Tehsil office on Monday convened a meeting SDM Ashok Kumar Pandey against illegal mining in forest department, police officers and Tehsil action directed by the Task Force included. SDM in the tehsil Dumet a lease is valid only within the territory, illegal mining is going on in other areas. He said forest department officials to take action against illegal mining will be no demarcation. No team can be anywhere raids. SDM pointed out that illegal mining is mainly Premnnagr, SelaQui, Crba - Kedarawala - transgress Road, transgress Road Dakpathar - ambadi, Singniwala, Dharmawala, Sbawala Dkrani the market is becoming more and Rampur. Each police officer with the Forest Department and tehsil administration team will be making a guerilla action. All the action will be under the supervision of SDM. SDM pointed out that the district office has received instructions to take action against the mining mafia. Subject to the post in charge of the team constituted tehsil region all the teams are instructed to remain alert. The division of the sub-divisional Vnadikari Gulvir Singh Kalsi forest, forest field officer Timli Mahavir Singh Rawat, Inspector GC Dsuni, SO Sahaspur Surybhusn Negi are present.

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