Music lovers still remember St Thomas Church as the place where Sir Cliff Richard was baptised

#Dehradun #Uttarakhand Famous for pop music, British musician, performer, actor and philanthropist Sir Cliff Richard was baptised in St Thomas church in November 1940, located on a quiet lane on the busy Rajpur road. Built in 1840, it was meant to be a garrison. However, what remains today is not a shadow of its old grandeur. It may not attract many visitors but music lovers, especially those who enjoy pop music, know about this fact. "The younger generation of today is not so keen on visiting churches, temples or other places of worship. However, if facts like Cliff Richard's baptism bring them here, we will be more than delighted," Rev John George Munawar told media persons, according to a report published in Times of India. Sir Cliff Richard, best known for songs like 'Bachelor Boy', 'Miss you Nights', 'We Don't Talk Anymore', 'Mistletoe and Wine' and 'The Young Ones', was born in Lucknow as Harry Rodger Webb in October 1940. His father was a catering contractor and serviced the Indian Railways.

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