BCom student who burned himself

Dehradun: TYBCom student stepfather disturbed by acts of kerosene on him and tried to put out fires. Coronation Hospital burn student was brought in bad condition. Where his condition remains extremely fragile. Student magisterial statements filed with the police. SSP has ordered a detailed investigation of the case.

Shivpuri Colony Cantt station area the morning of the event Premnagar wing at number four. Jagpal told here, dear initiation (20 years) and 13-year-old son are living with. According to police, Jagpal's wife had died a few months ago. Teli Jagpal accrue. BCom third year student at DAV PG College initiation. Her brother is studying in the eighth. Jagpal initiation stepfather, police said. Police said he was pushing at the initiation of forced marriage, while he did not want to marry. This initiation was fed up Monday morning, pour kerosene on himself and tried to burn. Brother had gone to school at that time did not exist and Jagpal. Vociferance hearing and a neighbor rushed to put out the fire. Coronation brought him to the hospital in critical condition. Doctors said he was a hundred percent is burned. Information on the police reached the hospital. The spot inquiry of. The police found a suicide note. SSP Khurana said the incident is being investigated. If any defects found will be taken against him.

Uncle from his mother's wedding

According to police, the initiation father had died 18 years ago. From the family of his mother married his uncle. Initiation from his first marriage and a sister. Whereas, stepfather is a brother.

10 months ago, was the mother commits suicide

Police said about 10 months of initiation mother also committed suicide. At that time the house - the only reason Klesh was unfolded.

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