DAV - Siddhartha Rana, president of ABVP wins

Student at DAV College Dehradun has announced the results of elections. Student ABVP his presidency has been a winner. Siddharth Rana of ABVP won by a record margin of 1053 votes.

ABVP candidate for president NSUI candidate Bhupendra Rana Siddharth Negi beat the record gap while the woman is fighting the election as an independent candidate in third place Swati Negi. In addition, the DAV Student Monica Upadhycsha position of the second group, Aryan Group Secretary General Joginder Singh, Shsciv Alisha Thomas, Aman Garg and university representative office of treasurer Prabhakar won.

1053 record victory margin of votes, Dehradun DAV College Students Union has raised the banner of his presidency ABVP. Siddharth Rana of ABVP won by a record margin of 1053 votes.

Siddharth Rana 3,153 votes, while his competitor Bhupinder Nagi remained merely on 2100 votes. On the other hand female candidate Swati Negi as pinning his hands despairingly come alive. Not just given to them by voters in 1249.

DAV After six years, seven thousand votes

Student activists of ABVP president announced the results as soon as the race was cheered. Workers shared the joy of victory hug each other closely.

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