Dehradun professor sets world record

Dehradun: A professor of a city-based deemed university set a world record on Thursday by delivering a marathon non-stop lecture for more than 130 hours at the varsity auditorium. 26-year-old Arvind Mishra, an assistant professor at Dehradun's Graphic Era University where he teaches Mechanical Engineering completed 130 hours of his lecture at 4 pm this evening, surpassing the world record of non-stop lecture which stood in the name of a Polish teacher who delivered a lecture for 121 hours in 2009, HoD of the University's Media and Mass Com department Subhash Gupta said. The young professor is still going on as he wants to set a wide margin between his record and that of the Polish teacher Errol Muzawazi whose feat of 121-hour non-stop teaching still adorns the pages of Guinness Book of World Records, Gupta said. A panel of the Guinness Book of World Records is also keeping an eye through live streaming on the marathon lecture being held by Mishra at the University's MBA auditorium to a mixed audience of students and teachers. The university's chairman Kamal Ghanshala has announced a cash reward of Rs 1 lakh and two out-of-turn promotions for the assistant professor for his rare feat

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