Dehradun’s ‘two idiots’ win accolades with their UFO-like hexacopter

Uttarakhand Two students of Dehradun's Graphic Era University have invented a helicopter which can carry a load double the time of its own weight. According to a report in Punjab Kesari, the helicopter resembles a UFO and weighs just 1.870 kg. It is operated by a remote control and can fly continuosly for 10 minutes at a height of 300 metres. The chopper was able to carry 4.5 kg water bottles upto a height of 300 metre at the exhibition. The innovators, Ayush Dua and Akshay Bharadwaj, both third year Computer Science students, claimed they took around 45 days to invent this object which helped them win an award at IIT-Kanpur's fest-Techkriti.

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