After Rajiv, Rahul, Rehan, now Priyanka Vadra's daughter to study in Dehradun's Wellham school

#Dehradun- In keeping up with the Gandhi family tradition, Congress President Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka Vadra has got her daughter admission in Dehradun's well-known Wellham Girls school. Miraya, Priyanka's daughter, has taken admission in 6th standard in Wellham Girls School this week, reported Amarujala. GANDHI's FAMILY TRADITION: Both, Priyanka Vadra's father Rajiv Gandhi and brother Rahul Gandhi studied from boarding schools in Dehradun. Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi studied in Wellham Boys School and Doon school in Dehradun after which he pursued further education from London in 1961. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi studied in Doon school from 1981 to 1983. Priyanka's son studies in 9th standard in Doon school.
WHY ONLY DEHRADUN's BOARDING SCHOOLS? Schools in Dehradun are reputed and internationally acclaimed for their quality of education. Last year, Prince of Wales Charles and Dutchess of Carnival Camilla Parker had visited Doon school during their India tour. Doon school has been listed as one of the world's best boarding schools in Education World Magazine. Meanwhile, Wellhams Girls School has topped in an ISCE survey on 'schools with best results'. In 1957, Wellham Girls School was set up as Wellham Boys and Doon schools' sister institution and, it gave the country sportsmen, Bollywood stars, politicians, journalists and more. Brinda Karat, Jyoti Baret, Madhu Trehan, Mala Sen, Deepa Mehta, Monisha Narang are a few names who have studied from these schools.

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