People of Uttarakhand want a hilly town as state capital: Govind Singh Kunjwal

#Chamoli #Uttarakhand Uttarakhand Assembly chairperson Govind Singh Kunjwal expressed her wish to make Gairsain the permanent capital of the state. He said the public sentiment is in favour of a capital city that's located on the hills. However, he clarified that it's the work of political parties and the government to make a capital city. He said the work is expected to be completed by 2016-17. He had earlier expressed strong opposition to the government’s plans to have second house building at Dehradun and called for first settling the issue of permanent capital of the hill state where Dehradun is an interim capital only. Parliamentary affairs ministers Indira Hridayesh said the Assembly House is being constructed in Garsain for one session and a new House is beiong constructed at Raipur in Dehradun city.

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