Hemkund Sahib tour will start from September 21

Dehradun: Kedarnath Dham after starting prayers in the famous shrine of the Sikh Gurudwara Sri Hemkund Sahib from September 21 will start the tour at 09:00AM. The visit will be starting from Govindghat. This will be present in the CM Vijay Bahuguna Govindghat. Initially the system will be sent to 500 passengers daily. Sri Hemkund Sahib Gurdwara Management Committee has also begun preparations for it.

   Sri Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara in the state were affected by the disaster. Here there was considerable debris. The travel route bridges were swept away. Travel routes the traffic jam was badly damaged. Under the disaster relief work undertaken by the government on Gangria has been prepared by a bridge. Also walking the walk repair is made. Byundar and Gangria temporary wooden bridge over the Laxman Ganga are created.

   Gurdwara Management Committee to oversee and administer the travel route and cleared by September 21, the government announced plans to begin the journey of Sri Hemkund Sahib. Speaking to reporters at the secretariat chief said. He Govindghat he himself will be present on this occasion. The service manager Singh Gurdwara Committee at the time the trip is designed to Base Camp Joshimath Govindghat instead. The journey will start from Govindghat. Gurdwara Management Committee is of the order of 500 passengers. Committee to begin the journey to the Sikh community manager explained that people are excited about joining the tour dates are fixed. He is walking safe walking route to Hemkund Sahib. Dundee travel to Hemkund Sahib Kandi people and horses are also provided.

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