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Dehradun: IG Crime and law - law relative to Ram Singh Meena Sharma's wife of Dr. JP 36 hours of daylight after the murder case is complicated mystery. It also, is to find contradictions in the statements of all family members. Also the role of Dr. Sharma's compounder and maid flower is questionable. Police were questioning two. Areas surrounding the con - Checking locations of punks and junkies. In the matter of the former district Sevlaklan IG Patel Nagar Ram Singh Meena homeopathic officials and relatives of the wife of Dr. JP Sharma Rajesh Sharma (70) Saturday, was murdered in broad daylight, went to the house throat slash. 36 hours later the police in the dark. Dr. Lokesh Sharma and Sharma and his compounder constant contradiction in the statement of safflower get maid. To work as a maid in the house for an hour. He then went to work in another house to lock. From there go to the clinic of Dr. It looks strange to the police. Smith did not have a mobile phone. So why was the lock of the house maid. Rajesh back to the house after work she did not see why Lokesh similar role compounder is also questionable. Golden Jewellers theft occurred while the police were suspicious of him, but did not question him because of Dr. Sharma's side. BITTU similar neighboring shopkeepers and anxiety because of the key questions is not taking. Police are questioning a dozen complicated mystery. SSP Khurana said the police and SOG are some important clues. The declaration is just not fair. Why the hell did not bleed .. Rajesh deceased had bled into the store, there was diffuse blood on the floor. Dr. Lokesh Sharma and compounder took the body and brought in another room. There was blood in spite of both shoes. Deceased's clothing was leaking blood, but in the other room to pick up the bodies of Dr. Lokesh Sharma and put the blood on clothing. Not only a drop of blood on the floor while she drop not. The police can not find the answer. Isolated why arrived home Dr Lokesh Sharma was alone in the car apart from his scooter. The maid was walking The police suspect that, these three people - why not arrived home. Lokesh reached the house and went straight to the ceiling. Dr. Sharma went to the store. If the trio had to come home, so he did not come together.

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