A year after tragedy, Uttarakhand people remember a braveheart

#Uttarakhand It is a little over a year since a natural calamity of catastrophic proportions hit Uttarakhand but people in the affected areas are still singing paeans to the bravery of Darshan Lal who saved hundreds of lives in Kedar valley when the deluge struck. They have still not forgotten what this humble braveheart did for them out of the sheer urge to save the lives of fellow human beings on that fateful day despite being untrained in disaster management and without possessing any life saving equipment. Darshan Lal jumped to the rescue of hundreds of devotees and locals stranded between Songanga and Mandakini, villagers recounted. Resident of Toshi village Indra Singh, who lost six of his family members in the tragedy gets emotional while talking about Lal’s act of valour.

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