Lying Silence In Asaram Ashram

Representative awakening, Raiwala: Asaram surrounded by allegations of sexual abuse of minors in the area of ??the pilgrim is to come. After his arrest on charges of sexual exploitation Hripurklan of the pilgrim village of Asaram ashram is in the silence stretched.
Raiwala accused of sexual abuse of Asaram Ashram Hripurklan magnificent remains of the village. Every year in May-June is the month of narrative discourse. It takes a large number of his followers. Rajaji National Park is adjacent to the ashram because there is often controversial. Park and forest encroachment have surfaced several times in the case of ritual. Asaram Ashram itself across the river by boat and go to religious ritual. Followers Seekers do penance in the forest riverside park personnel with which he has often been controversy.
Littering by meditation camp followers in the park area and encroachment disputes's ashram. Asaram even if it is not, but here are a ritualised daily living hundreds of his followers. Bapu Dham Ashram as well as multi-storey building is also connected to the Ashram are hundreds seeker. Located in Indore, following the arrest of Asaram ashram wore a deserted look Hripurklan. Frequently their title, which appears to have disappeared too.

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