Miraculous escape for 9 students, survive after car plunges into 50-feet deep gorge

#Dehradun #Uttarakhand Nine persons miraculously survived on Monday even after their speeding car plunged into a 50-feet deep gorge. According to a report in Dehradun Amarujala, the incident happened when they were crossing a bridge, few metres ahead of Gadi Cantt. The person on the wheels lost control and the speeding car fell into the gorge. The students, all studying B.Tech in Dehradun's Petroleum University, had decided to go for a picnic to Mussoorie on one of their friend's birthday. They started their road journey at 1: am on Monday. On their way, the driver lost control on the car after which it plunged into a deep gorge. Their screams for help woke up the residents of the area. They called for an ambulance that took all of them to nearby Synergy hospital.

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