Doon cabbie threw Delhi couple off the cliff after robbing them

#Dehradun #Uttarakhand A cab driver confessed to have robbed 27-year-old Moumita Das and 24-year-old Avijit Paul and thrown them down a steep cliff, eighteen days after the couple mysteriously went missing from the hills of Uttarakhand. According to a report in Times of India, Dehradun police informed the duo's families on Monday that the driver they had paid to take them around Uttarakhand, Raju Das, had murdered the pair with the help of three friends. They fell hundreds of feet to the ground. The couple lived in a rented house in south Delhi's Lado Sarai. Moumita taught at Gurgaon's Pathways International School while Avijit was a painter. They reached Dehradun on October 21 and celebrated Diwali there. On October 24, the couple hired the cab to go to Chakrata, 135km away. From there, cops said, the young pair asked Raju to drive them to Tiger Fall. The two were last spotted at a momo shop in the area.

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