NASA returned to the students of Unison World

Dehradun: The Solar System's surprised the information, many enlightening facts and thrilling world of space and who would rather not face. He is also the knowledge of the 'flying' to stop NASA. Dehradun Unison World Students recently had the opportunity. He not only their academic knowledge in a 12-day journey took, but also about life never returned unforgettable experience.
Unison World NASA's eight students were on a 12-day educational tour. The purpose of this trip practical knowledge and desire to learn something different culture was born. Bnivshy their careers in order to become stronger foundation. Students had the opportunity to learn something new in Kennedy Space Center. Space to be the things which had never read in books. They also had knowledge of robotics.
The students with the knowledge - was aware of adventures together. Visited New York and Boston and Orlando helicopter ride. Also Tussauds Gallery, Howard University, 9/11 Memorial and saw the Statue of Liberty. The Universal Adventure Island and also toured Disneyland.

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