ND Tiwari slams Uttarakhand govt for not ordering

Dehradun: Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister ND Tiwari on Sunday criticised the state government for not ordering a judicial probe into his charges that he was given overdose of sleeping pills for many years as part of a conspiracy. "No judiciary enquiry was ordered to probe the matter in which my OSD had been giving me overdose of sleeping pills to ruin my health as a part of conspiracy," he said in a message conveyed from Lucknow. The former chief minister said he was given pills every day, but now he is in sound health and will thank the doctors for their medical assistance. "The government also took away the security given to my officer on special duty," Tiwari said. In October last year, police had started a probe into Tiwari's claim that he was given sleeping pills for several years as part of a conspiracy. Tiwari also alleged that for the past six months, the Uttarakhand government has discontinued the fuel allowance for which he is entitled to as a former Chief Minister. He claimed that through some state government officers, he has come to know that the allowance was stopped on an instruction by the Chief Minister. Tiwari, however, alleged nobody is ready to speak officially over the matter.

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