Prayers Resume At Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath : The deathly silence brooding over Kedarnath since the June calamity hit Uttrarakhand broke early on Wednesday morning by the chanting of Vedic hymns as prayers resumed at the Himalayan shrine, 86 dats after ravaging floods left over 400 people dead in the Kedar Valley.

  However, heaps of broken doors and razed walls just a few meters away are a telltale sign of the massive devastation suffered in the June calamity. Several Structures close to the shrine are lying in the shambles, with heaps of wooden planks, broken doors and razed walls lying just a few meters away from the temple.

  Structures lying close to the temple are still cluttered with tons of debris under which a large number of bodies might be lying.

  Shortly after the dawn, as the clock stuck seven, the chief prirst of the 6th century shrine, Rawal Bhima Shanker Ling Shivacharya, unlocked the portals of the temple and stepped into the sanctum-sanctorum to perform the puja.The prayers commenced on Wednesday on Sarwartha Siddi Yog, considered to be auspicious.

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