Satpal Maharaj reacts on Harish Rawat’s remark, says voters will decide which missile is misguided

#Dehradun #Uttarakhand Pauri MP Satpal Maharaj, who recently defected to BJP, on Friday reacted to Chief Minister Harish Rawat's remark describing him as a "misguided missile", saying voters will decide which missile is "guided" and which is not in the general elections. "The answer lies with the people of Uttarakhand who will decide which missile is guided and which one is misguided in the Lok Sabha polls. How can someone who has himself landed in state politics by a parachute know what a missile really is," Maharaj said in a statement in Dehradun. The Chief Minister had said on Thursday while Maharaj's joining BJP made him look like a "misguided missile", former Haridwar MLA Ambrish Kumar's return to Congress was like a "guided" missile landing at the right place.

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