Secretariat of Union Election Date

Dehradun: Uttarakhand new Executive Secretariat of the Union for the election will be held till four o'clock Wednesday morning at nine o'clock. Additionally, the evening will start counting at five o'clock. On Tuesday, the last day of campaigning candidates have thrown their full strength. General meeting of the Federation Secretariat cadre of candidates for various positions related to various pending issues raised by the appeal of votes in his favor.
On Tuesday, the last day of campaigning by all the candidates pr urged voters to vote in their favor. Additionally, the secretariat personnel at the various pending issues before the Government was committed to lobbying firm.
Election leaflets - posters on campus ATM cluttered Secretariat has conducted the General Assembly of Union Square. The various candidates in the electoral fray its election issues and priorities effectively placed before voters. Secretariat to maintain the dignity of candidates, conducting training programs for new personnel, cadre structuring, manpower and increase the number of sections, the Public Service Commission to expedite recruitment to vacant positions on issues such as conflict assured.
Secretariat proper housing for personnel, training institutes forming, e - filing or to arrange sports activities on issues such as voting repeatedly appealed his conviction. However, given the choice of union security arrangements have been made.

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