Security in the Assembly during the session

Dehradun :Beginning on or after September 18 are forthcoming assembly session will be arranged during the assembly building and surrounding Suhrcsha link. Gunner ministers and legislators during the session of the Assembly will be off campus.

   On Monday, during a session chaired by Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal met with security systems. Vis chief executives at the meeting of the Assembly before the start of session instructed to fix all the arrangements. They have continued with the cardholder's identity card Keep your department. Press gallery, sit in the stands at the stadium and the Secretariat will keep them off.

   The first day of the session valid permit will not be issued as earlier. Gunner assembly as well as ministers and legislators remain off campus. At the meeting of the Assembly Secretariat officials, Principal Secretary Home Om, Ram Singh Meena, IG, Gildiyal lamp light, etc. were also present at Khurana ssp only.

All-party meeting today

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