SGRR LIVE: NSUI president made

Sjiarar capital PG College Student Union president has declared the election results. DAV in revenge of the defeat at least NSUI also get only due to celebrate., DAV today what happened to win the belts when noclegi from 2:00pm - when the peaceful voting has already begun. College. Students arrived in large numbers to vote. Sjiarar PG College of CCTV cameras monitored the elections. On Thursday, it did not feature in DAV PG College. see in the pictures, Sjiarar Student elections were the candidates in the field Speaker: Mahadev Prasad Rtudi, Bipin Joshi Kanboj and Vice: Ankit Kumar Saini and Mau. Union general secretary: Lalit Singh Panwar and Karthik Sherawat Shsciv: Rashmi sister Anjali Dobriyal and Treasurer: Vandana and initiation kandari University representative: Nitin Chandeela, Atul Kumar and Shalini Rawat Student Representative: Radhika Kalsi and Mansi Nautiyal.

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