Woman lets Facebook friend into her house, gets duped of jewellery worth Rs 50,000

#Dehradun:- Everyone whom one befriends on Facebook may not have the friendliest intentions. Sangeeta Negi from Dehradun's Dharampur learnt this the hard way when a girl she befriended on the social networking site, allegedly stole half a lack worth of jewellery from her. According to a report in Punjab Kesari, Sangeeta got a friend request from a girl named Jyoti who claimed to be from Delhi and befriended her. The two started talking and a while later, Jyoti reached Sangeeta's house saying that she has come to Dehradun to meet an ailing relative. Jyoti stayed at Sangeeta's house for over a week, during which time Sangeeta had to leave the house to attend a wedding. On her return, she found that the jewellery from her cupboard was missing. When she asked Jyoti, she accepted that she had taken them. Sangeeta claimed that Jyoti even asked her if she could take it with her to Delhi but she refused. Later, on March 26, Jyoti came to Sangeeta's house once again and said that she needs to leave that same evening. After Jyoti left Sangeeta once again found her jewellery missing. After this Sangeeta registered a complaint at a police station in Nehru Colony.

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