Students taught the tricks of Personality Development

News reporter, Dehradun: Wel-ham Boys School on Monday, the former Miss India USA Priya Varrick Personality Development of students taught tricks. Subject, time and place to suit the dress, body language, language, behavior, way of speaking, and should be, given the specific information to students.
Wel-ham Boys School on Monday to round off the square in the Conclave, special workshops were held for students. There must be an emphasis on personality development. Indian students are talented, but he left behind in terms of personality development. Workshop how to students in ceiling for our own tie, when tiepin is not when, eating fork in use knife to analyze aeronautical designs and how to, wearing what has to be in the interview, how to talk on the occasion, how body Language Film nominations like what should be small - Little things also been reported. In terms of international standards for getting food to Step 11. Similar to students through workshops provided the information. Gunmit Bindra were present on the occasion Principal of the school. Trehan immeasurable in events held on Monday, Kush format, Nikhil Arya, Karthik Tyal, Aditya Todi, Ravi, shrivats format, Atul Gurtu, Jai Vikram Singh, was instrumental.

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