Women disappearing from Tehri villages, police unable to trace them

#Tehri Garhwal #Uttarakhand The mysterious disappearance of women from villages falling under Kirtinagar block in Tehri district has put the police in a spot and left locals stunned. According to a report in Times of India, on February 7, a 28-year old woman along with her seven-year-old child went missing from Parakot village. On the same day, her neighbour, a BA second year student, too disappeared. A few days ago, in the nearby Dharighut village, a woman along with her three children went missing and has been untraceable since then. Locals say that it has been over 20 days now and the police hasn't been able to trace the woman and her children. Panchayat members say that about eight women from Dharijunsi, Gadyaad and Daagar have gone missing in the last one year. The development has given birth to several conspiracy theories in the area. While some believe that women facing financial problems eloped with their lovers or boyfriends, others claim that an organised prostitution racket is behind these disappearances.

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