TEN KG Polythene seized, draws a fine of four thousand

Vikasnagar: Polythene municipality eradication campaign being run by the city continued on Thursday. Under the campaign, seized ten kilos of polythene charged with a fine of four thousand bucks.

  The municipality administration several days to drive from the city pollution-free city under the polythene is being eradicated. City Polythene seized in a raid on every small to large businesses as well as fines being levied. Neeraj Agarwal says that the city council president polythene completely free to create an ideal city is his priority. As part of this campaign on Thursday Dakpathar Tirahe to the Geeta Bhawan Polythene seized ten kilos of various business entities, while four thousand were charged as a penalty. Municipal Chairman said that the campaign will be continued.

On Thursday campaign Navneet Gupta, RK, Sachin Raj, Sunil Kumar, Jagmohan, Sanjay, Anil Gupta, Sagittarius, Sonu, Vijay Pal were included.

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