Uttarakhand - tough on border patrol, highway closed three hours

Haridwar Muzaffarnagar district boundaries after the scene has been sealed. Narasn ??border police, PAC and riot control vehicles are deployed. After intensive checking incoming vehicles are being held in the district.

Khanpur - Purkaji route have increased security at checkpoints. Delhi - Haridwar national highway was then closed for three hours on Sunday.

DM and SSP meetings organized by the peace in the countryside. Panic among the people.

Since the scandal erupted in two communities in Muzaffarnagar Kwal Given spark. Haridwar district administration has to be cautious. Police have issued a high alert since Saturday.

Looking at seven o'clock this evening until 10 pm Delhi - Haridwar national highway was closed. Sunday from 9 am to 12 noon highways were closed again.

After receiving an order Narasn ??border - one by one checking the vehicle. After the vehicle omitted. Khanpur - Purkaji route after the raid admitted to state boundaries.

The district magistrate nidhi pandey and SSP Rajiv swarup forms the border Narasn ??arrived to assess the situation. The two officers stationed at the border personnel and officials warned to be cautious.

Then hold meetings Narasn ??and peace in Iqbalpur appealed to people to maintain peace. Movement of vehicles coming from Muzaffarnagar intelligence have been instructed to monitor.

The villagers have sought to ignore the rumors. Police checkpoint in the area was a meeting of all village heads.

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