Over 20,000 cabs to go off road in Garhwal region from today

#Dehradun #Uttarakhand The cab unions in the Garhwal region have decided to launch an indefinite strike from Wednesday against state government, leaving thousands of commuters in lurch. According to a report published in The Times of India, the owners of these taxis, which run on contact carriage permits, are demanding scrapping of rules under Section 71 of the Uttarakhand Motor Vehicle Act 2011 which mandates commercial vehicles to submit logbooks containing passenger details and boarding time with the RTO on a quarterly basis. Also, under the new rule a maxi cab can only operate for nine years and its permit will not be renewed after that. However the taxi union does not have aproblem in maintainig log book but the part where it has become compulsory to submit RTO is their issue.

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