Gaurikund is pilgrimge site of Hindus and also a base camp for to trek kedarnath.The place is named on the name of Goddes Parvati(wife of Lord Shiva),also known as Gauri.. In Hindu folklore, Gauri committed to penance involving many ascetic and yogic practices to win over Shiva’s affections. Local tradition claims that Gauri stayed here while her pratice and it here that Lord Shiva admitted his love for her.

Another Legend of how Lord Ganesha get elephant head is also associated with this place. Parvati fashioned Ganesha from soap suds on her body, and give life to him, and ordered him don’t let anybody in. As ordered,Lord Ganesha don’t let Lord Shiva entered, and in furious anger Lord Shiva cut off Ganesha head, and Parvati was inconsolable. she insisted that boy be brought back to life, Shiva Shiva took the head of a wandering elephant and placed it on Ganesha’s body. Parvati had Her son back and Ganesha acquired the persona by which He is known all over the Hindu world since then.

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