Uttarakhand Tourism



The idea of eco-tourism is to establish a stronger bondage between man and nature in the form of education, participation and economic benefits, so that the natural environment is protected by the very people who live by it.

This is a very famous quote on Travel and Tourism by Saumitra Dutta Gupta. The above quote is very suitable for Uttrakhand Tourism. In the past few decades an excessive growth has been seen in Uttrakhand Tourism. The positive attitude shown by the Ministry of Tourism, India is said the key reason for this phenomenal growth. Other than this, the rich culture, heritage and incredible natural beauty of Uttrakhand attract a very large number of tourists from all across the globe.

Uttrakhand is one of the best and most preferred tourist places in India. There are many different places in Uttrakhand to visit like: mountain and hilly areas, beautiful lakes and rivers, forests and rich wildlife, pilgrimage sites and holy places and many others. Other than these tourist places, Uttrakhand is also known for its unique tradition, culture, lifestyle, fair and festivals. As an Indian tourist all these things are enough to make your experience truly fantastic and unforgettable.

Uttrakhand tourism has been categorized into three parts:

1. Eco-tourism:

2. Wild life tourism:

3. Pilgrimage and holy places:

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