Vishnu Prayag
Vishnuprayag is one of the Panch Prayag (five confluences) and first in the cascade of confluences. The Alaknanda River, which originates in the eastern slopes of glacier fields of Chaukhamba, is joined by the Saraswathi River near Mana (that originates on the south from the international border), and then flows in front of the Badrinath temple, one of the most revered hindu shrines. It then…Read More
Nandaprayag is second in the cascade of confluences where Nandakini river joins Alaknanda river.
According to one tale, a noble King Nanda performed Yagnya (fire-sacrifice) and sought blessings of God. Hence, the confluence is named after him. According to the legend, Vishnu granted a boon of the birth of a son to Nanda and his wife Yashoda and also the same boon to…Read More
Nand Prayag
Karnaprayag was third in the cascade and name after Karna (son of Sun) of Mahabharat. Karna Prayag is situted at the confluence of Alaknanda river and Pindar river.
The epic Mahabharat narrates that here Karna worshiped Sun God and earned a protective gear of Kavacha(armour) and Kundal(ear rings) from his father Sun God…Read More
Rudra Prayag
Rudraprayag is forth in the cascade, and here Alaknanda meets mandakini river.The confluences named on Rudra(another name of God Shiva). According to narrated legends God Shiva has performed Tandav here. Tandav is a vigorous dance form hat is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution.
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Dev Prayag
Devprayag is fifth and last in cascade, it is confluence of Bhagirathi(chief streams of holy river Ganga) and Alaknanda river. Beyond the confluence river is known as Ganga.
The confluence got the name “Dev” from a poor Brahim Dev Sharma who perform rigorous religious austerities here and was blessed by God Rama(incarnation of God Vishnu)…Read More
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